Body of Work

This Body of Work represents Ivan's efforts since 2008 and reflects his commitment and personal mission to share his knowledge and wisdom with others.

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What began as research eventually developed into group discussions, speaking engagements and expressing his knowledge and insights through a variety of websites, videos, blogs, social networks, interviews, lectures, radio etc.


Worldwide Services

Ivan offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and personal services to support you in your pursuit of a greater understanding of yourself, your experiences, your path and the world we live in.


About UsTriStar Media Group is a multimedia organization established by Ivan Stein.

Our Mission & Vision

To help shift conscious understanding on the importance of the inner journey of self-realization, the outer journey of sustainability and the eternal journey of oneness. To provide personal perspectives that may inspire others into new realizations.

What We Offer You

The primary task of TriStar Media Group is to promote, market and distribute Ivan's various organizations, websites, books, DVD's and videos, “Realms of Reality” radio show, spiritual workshops entitled “A Path To Self-Realization”, and other documentary and media endeavors (see Ivan's Body of Work).

Books and Multimedia

These books include: two on his spiritual work, two on creating and evaluating sustainable community, two on the current state of social and global change and one as an accumulation of over 250 questions that Ivan has answered over the years.

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